Ask Angi: How to get started with renovating a rental property

If you are a landlord, you probably have rental renovations on your to-do list.

Mallory Micetich is home care expert at Angi.  She says if you want to spruce up your rental property, start by renovating the kitchen.

“A nice kitchen makes a great impression on prospective renters, and it doesn’t take too much time or money to give it a fresh look. Start with smaller updates like repainting cabinets, installing new lighting, adding a fresh backsplash, painting, or even adding more workspace like a floating island.”

Micetich says landlords that are willing to invest a little more money in upgrades like new appliances have a great way to attract good-quality tenants.

The bathroom is another important room to renovate. A modern bathroom is a sign that your property is well-maintained and updated regularly.

It may sound like an expensive endeavor, but many bathroom renovations can be relatively simple and inexpensive. Experts say try retiling the floor, adding in a shower door, installing a new vent or replacing the hardware.

Micetich agrees. “Updating the flooring is one of my top recommendations when renovating a rental. You don’t need to replace the floors completely to give them a modern look – consider buffing or sanding hardwood to refresh them without breaking the bank,” Micetich says.

If you are a landlord and property owner who is willing to invest a little bit more, think about a surface like laminate floors or tile that are extremely durable.  

It is a more economical way for you to keep the floors clean between tenants who have pets.  This option means offers more of a limited impact on your floors. If you prefer carpet, a deep cleaning is an absolute must between every tenant.

For the quickest and easiest way to update your rental, look no further than the paint on your walls. You can also easily upgrade your space by adding storage.

“Nowadays renters are always looking for top-notch amenities. When you have a standalone rental, sometimes it can be hard to compete with big units and big buildings that can offer things like pools and other facilities,” Micetich says.

She also recommends upgrading existing appliances by replacing them with newer models.  New appliances are a great way to attract quality tenants.

Micetich says, “You can also add some other amenities that will make the space feel like home. Thinking about a fenced yard or outdoor space, or if you have the ability, maybe even something like a pool or a hot tub.”

She also advises not to forget about the windows.  If they are drafty or look like they need an update, make the switch to energy-efficient windows. They are inexpensive, and they can be a real selling point to renters because they will help keep energy costs down.