Convoy of Hope helps keep San Antonio seniors fed during holiday season

When seniors enter retirement, a good amount of them rely solely on Social Security checks as income and sometimes, the checks aren’t enough to cover groceries.

That’s why the San Antonio Food Bank steps in with help, called the Convoy of Hope.

For 15 years, the city of San Antonio has partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank for its Convoy of Hope, a program that delivers thousands of boxes of food to eligible seniors in San Antonio.

But this is not the only time of year when the food bank provides boxes to seniors –in fact, it’s every month. Monday’s event, however, involved city council members delivering the boxes personally for the holiday season.

“Those boxes are more crucial than ever during the holiday season and pandemic. With the price of food rising, a lot of our seniors are going home with less food in their grocery cars and leaning on us a little more,” Eric Cooper, CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank said.

The trucks are filled with boxes that thousands of area seniors depend on every month. It’s a program that provides free groceries to seniors at city operated senior centers.

The food goes to seniors like Yolanda Sing and her husband, who say life for them has not been easy. The food helps them out very much.

”It means a lot because he’s got dementia, and I’ve got cancer,” Sing said. “We don’t work, we are living on a tight budget. I love them so much. God bless them.”

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