Gas prices in San Antonio up nearly 24 cents in just one week, AAA data shows

Drivers are seeing gas prices continue to rise amid the ongoing uncertainty of the war in Ukraine.

Gas prices in San Antonio are up nearly 24 cents from just one week ago, according to data from AAA.

One year ago gas was nearly $1 cheaper than it is now in the San Antonio area and in March 2020, gas prices were well below $2, with some San Antonio pumps selling gas at $1.39 a gallon.

As of Thursday, the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.73 based on AAA findings, which is more than the $3.37 average cost of a gallon of gas in Texas.

The current average in San Antonio is slightly cheaper than the state average at $3.34 per gallon.

Gas Buddy, a crowd-sourced data website that provides gas prices for individual gas stations, can help travelers find the least expensive gas prices.

The gas price map from Gas Buddy shows some San Antonio area gas stations with prices under $3 a gallon.


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