How to prepare your vehicle for the winter season

While we do not have as many cold days as the rest of country, this past February has shown us that nothing is off the table.  So, there are a few easy ways to get your car, truck, or SUV winter ready.

One thing to check for now, as fall winds die down, is a buildup of leaves that may have drifted onto your vehicle.  Check the air ventilation area at the base of the windshield, which is where they can get stuck. If you have a sunroof, you will need to inspect it for leaks.

Make sure your wiper blades are still in good enough shape to handle frozen precipitation, like sleet or freezing rain. You will also want to check and make sure you have enough wiper fluid, especially the kind that can melt any buildup of ice quickly.

The cold also puts more stress on your battery. Try to get it tested so you do not get stuck somewhere.

Some auto parts stores will do it for free.  Also, look under the vehicle to see if any parts are hanging low to the ground and examine the exterior of the vehicle for scratches or dings that have broken through the paint to the metal. 

You may be able to touch them up before hitting the road to avoid road salt sticking on them and eroding the paint and metal even more, making the damage worse. 

Also, give yourself a little extra time on colder days. Your tires can lose air pressure and they will need to be filled properly.