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We asked KSAT 12 viewers and readers what major news topics they were curious about. And now — in an Insider-exclusive virtual event — KSAT Explains is bringing you the answers with an opportunity to dig deeper.

Join KSAT Explains host Myra Arthur and fellow KSAT Insiders via Zoom on Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m. CT for a local dive into illegal street racing, roadside dumping and the financial struggles of the San Antonio Symphony. The premiere of the episodes will also feature an opportunity for you to ask the team your questions on the topics.

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KSAT Explains is an in-depth streaming show that digs into topics looming large in the San Antonio and South Texas area. In a bite-sized format, the episodes provide more context and perspective on the news that matters to you. See past episodes here.

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Illegal street racing in San Antonio is a common occurrence and sometimes turns deadly. Just last year, two new laws went into effect in Texas aimed at pumping the brakes on street racing. These laws increase punishments for racers and others involved, but people plugged into the local car community say it’s not a complete solution. Hear what we found out.It’s frustrating when you see it: trash dumped along a street or highway. We all know it’s illegal, but it still happens. So much so that the city now has a team dedicated to cleaning up illegal messes. Find out what penalties are in place and what illegal dumping can ultimately cost you, whether it’s your trash or not.For years, the San Antonio Symphony has struggled to stay afloat. Now, musicians are on strike. The shaky financial history of the symphony is complicated, as well as the arguments currently being made on both sides of the negotiating table between symphony management and musicians. They’re talking about the orchestra’s size, pay, and public distrust. We break it down.

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