New sculpture at Martin Luther King Park pays homage to African American culture

There’s a new public sculpture at the Martin Luther King Park which pays homage to the representation of African American culture.

Local artist Kaldric Dow is created the new sculpture at the park, called “Spheres of Reflection”.

“This piece was created to portray African-Americans in a dignified way,” Dow said.

The spheres feature key words commonly used by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his speeches and writings.

The sculpture is 17 feet tall and made of steel and concrete.

Dow’s vision came to life thanks to the city’s Department of Arts and Culture’s public art program.

“Creating this piece was great working with the city, working with the Department of Arts and Culture because we took it from a sketch, which I do great, and then we had to work with fabricators to build it up into the sculpture that it is today,” Dow said.

This is a program where we work one on one with the community to figure out where they want to see art. And then we work to develop that our alongside our artists. And then we actually work with the community to figure out what they want to see through the art,” Krystal Jones, interim executive director of the Department of Arts and Culture said.

Dow is thrilled for the community to see his first piece of public art.

“I think they will appreciate it and see representation of themselves, you know, within the sculpture,” Dow said.