North East ISD temporarily increases substitute teacher pay amid staffing shortage

The North East Independent School District is temporarily increasing pay rates for substitute teachers.

NEISD officials say the substitute pay rate will be as followed:

Certified Teacher- $120Degree/Non-Certified Teacher- $110Long Term Teacher- $150Special Education Instructional Assistant- $98

Substitutes will also be eligible to receive a one-time $100 incentive if they complete 20 days within one of the four 9-week periods, district officials say. Additionally, subs who accept assignments on Fridays will receive an extra $20 for that day.

The temporary pay rate increase will remain in effect through June 30.

The increase comes amid a struggle to maintain staffing within the district. Last week, NEISD reported about 700 teacher and staff shortages for both Jan 3. and Jan 4. On Jan 7., 945 staff members were absent, 672 of those members were teachers, NEISD Executive Director of Communications Aubrey Chancellor said. ,

On Monday, 806 staff members were absent. Of those, 554 were teachers, Chancellor said.

With this increase of teacher absences comes the demand for substitute teachers.

In a letter sent out by NEISD Superintendent Dr. Sean Maika, he said the district is in dire need of substitute teachers.

“Each morning, I receive a list of schools with the number of teacher and staff absences. When teachers are absent, we call in substitutes; however, the number of available subs has not been covering the number of teacher absences this week. When that happens, campus office staff and staff from the District’s administration building are deployed to cover in the classrooms,” Dr. Maika said.

Those who are interested in applying as a substitute can do so through the NEISD Human Resources website.

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