‘RENT’ coming back to SA, cast members calling show’s themes more powerful than ever

Few Broadway shows have stood the test of time like “RENT.” After two years of pandemic delays, the show is finally returning to the Majestic Theater starting Thursday.

The legendary play premiered in 1996. Yet, in 2022, its cast members say it’s more relatable than ever.

“It was definitely extremely rough not being able to perform or anything like that,” said “RENT” star Lyndie Moe.

The rock musical portrays struggling artists in New York City’s East Village during the AIDS crisis.

The show depicts economic strife, stigma surrounding illness, female empowerment and portrayal of queer relationships — all issues present in headlines in 2022.

The impact of current events, almost creates a new show for the cast members heading to San Antonio.

“I think a lot of the cast feels that, and the audience feels that,” Moe said.

Moe plays the confident, headstrong character Maureen.

“It feels really special. I feel like I learn a lot from Maureen. I’m able to be extremely confident in who I am and stand up for anything I believe in,” she said. “This strong woman energy — I’m really thankful Jonathan Larson created this character even in 1996. It’s crazy that he was able to realize these characters could stand the test of time.”

She said the show and her character have helped her deal with grief as well.

“During COVID (pandemic), I lost someone extremely close to me, and that was the first person I’ve ever lost in my life like that. ‘RENT’ focuses on losing people and getting together with the people you love and celebrating life, because we only have a short amount of time,” Moe said.

That’s why she’s thrilled to be spending her time in San Antonio.

Half of her family lives in the Alamo City, but her special connection goes one big step further.

“My grandpa coached the San Antonio Spurs from like 1976 to 1980 and later on won coach of the year. I still feel crazy talking about that!” she said.

She welcomes all fans of Coach Doug Moe and the Spurs, all theater fanatics, and all people who have had a tough couple years and would like to sing and celebrate life together.

She hopes they’ll join her at the Majestic, because now more than ever, there’s no day like today.