San Antonio Pets Alive! urgently seeking fosters for momma dogs, puppies

As the new year begins, some San Antonio pups need your help at a second chance for life.

San Antonio Pets Alive!, a foster-based rescue organization, urgently needs fosters for two at-risk momma dogs, their puppies, and other orphaned puppies in the shelter.

Due to the high number of viral illnesses that can harm puppies and dogs in the kennels, SAPA! says they need to get the puppies into foster homes as soon as they can.

SAPA officials say they need fosters for momma-dog, Nikita, and her five puppies.

They also are looking for foster parents for momma-dog Ellie and her six puppies.

SAPA officials say orphan pups Phoenix and Acacia are looking for foster homes as well.

The last set of orphaned pups looking for a home is seven, four-legged friends SAPA has named the Spiderman puppies.

SAPA officials say those who choose to foster through the organization will be provided with formula, bottles, food, support guidance, and an electric heating pad.

All fosters are asked to provide is a temporary home and love for the pups.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for these puppies, you can fill out an application on the SAPA! foster page. You can also email