The One Where the ‘Friends’-Themed Townhouse Goes on Sale in Houston

Do you love the TV show “Friends”? I mean, REALLY love the show?

If so, you may be saying about this Houston townhome — “Could this BE any more perfect?”

The home listed on Friday is getting fans to perk up.

Imagine sitting on an orange couch with your friends surrounded by murals depicting the iconic places from “Friends.” Or pretending you’re helping Monica whip up some of Phoebe’s grandmother’s secret cookie recipe in a look-alike kitchen. Or shouting “PIVOT!” as you move your furniture up the stairs.

OK, you get the idea.

The townhome, located in northwest Houston near the Shady Acres/Lazybrook/Timbergrove neighborhoods, is listed for $330,000.

And it’s getting a lot of buzz after being featured on the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram page.

If you’d like to get a look around and say “How you doin’?” to Realtor Diana Hu, there’s an open house on Sunday.

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