$150k bond set for woman accused of trapping, hogtying toddlers

A woman accused of leaving two toddlers alone and bound or trapped in a Southeast Side home has had her bonds set at a total of $150,000, court records show.

Priscilla Ann Salais was arrested on Tuesday after police discovered the toddlers over the weekend.

Salais was charged with two counts of endangering a child and a bond of $75,000 was set for each count, for a total of $150,000.

As Wednesday afternoon, Salais has not posted bail on either count.

On Sunday afternoon, firefighters forced their way into a room of a duplex in the 400 block of Bailey Avenue and found two children inside.

A toddler girl had her wrists and ankles bound and tied together, according to the affidavit. She had visible injuries, including a black eye and bloody lip, according to the arrest affidavit.

A boy was found in a playpen “that was completely covered” by a changing table and baby carrier, trapping the child within the enclosure. The boy’s diaper was “heavily soiled,” according to the affidavit.

Salais had temporary custody of the children because their parents are being investigated by Child Protective Services due to concerns of physical abuse, according to the affidavit.

Though Salais has faced various criminal charges — including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — dating back to 2002, all charges were dismissed, either due to deferred adjudication, insufficient evidence or missing witnesses, according to Bexar County court records.

It’s unclear how the children were placed in Salais’ care. CPS did not immediately respond to requests seeking comment.

Salais has pre-hearings set for Jan. 25 and Feb. 8, according to court records.


Affidavit: Woman left one toddler tied up with black eye and bloody lip; other toddler trapped inside playpenTwo toddlers found tied up at Southeast Side home, officials say