Awareness key to avoid collisions with deer and other wildlife

A San Antonio woman died in a crash last week after hitting a deer, veering across the road and striking a tree. Experts say awareness is key when driving at any time of year, but especially during the fall and winter months.

Fewer daylight hours and a spike in deer activity this time of year increase the chances of roadway crashes with the animals, according to AAA Texas. The state led the nation in the number of deaths from collisions with animals over a ten-year period.

The woman killed in last week’s crash was not wearing a seatbelt, something experts say can make people vulnerable in these types of crashes.

According to AAA Texas, here are some other safety measures:

· Pay attention to signs…and keep your eyes on the road

· Use high beams, if there is no oncoming traffic

· Resist the urge to swerve

· If a crash is imminent, take your foot off the brake. That will protect you and your vehicle from a windshield swipe because the animal would be more likely to go over the vehicle or be pushed to the side.

And after a crash, be sure not to contact the animal until help arrives. Otherwise, a frightened or wounded animal could injure you or cause further injury to itself.

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