Class ring returned to San Antonio woman after it was stolen 18 years ago

This year was an unforgettable Christmas for a local woman who was reunited with her class ring after it was stolen 18 years ago.

Social media helped Norah Constantino’s journey and showed why this ring means so much to her and her family.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so dainty. It doesn’t fit, right? But this is amazing. My gosh,” Constantino said.

The moment was captured just outside of Southside High School where Constantino was re-gifted her class ring of 1989.

Everyone’s class ring has memories, a sense of accomplishment. But for Norah, her ring means so much more.

“My mom passed away in 2003 from breast cancer, and a couple of months later my house was broken into and stuff that was taken from my house was my jewelry from my jewelry box. And part of that joy was my class ring,” Constantino said.

This emotional reunion was thanks to the kindness of others. The Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union found the ring, Googled the high school and the name, and made the call.

“I got my class ring back after 18 years. It’s finally back,” Constantino said.

Norah is also working to find the rightful owner of another class ring her parents found years ago.

“I just want to pay it forward and hopefully it gets to the right owner like mine did to me,” Constantino said.

She understands a class ring can mean so much more than just a graduation. And, while Constantino works to find the person who is missing this ring, she wants her story to help others.

“Let people know there are good people out there and hopefully it sparks others to do good,” Constantino said.