Here are some non-thing gift ideas for Christmas

Stumped for a great and personal gift idea or just can’t find what you’re looking for? Experiential gifts out of the box and guaranteed to be in stock.

Instead of toys or video games, Sarah Peterson suggests her relatives give her three sons something a little different.

“I like to encourage giving them something like a class,” she said. “So, they’ve helped pay for swim classes.”

Considering supply chain snags this year, the time may be right for unconventional gifts.

“If you’re worried about getting your gift in time or being able to even find a gift, you can consider gift cards, you can consider online subscriptions,” said Consumer Reports’ Angela Lashbrook. “It’s not as impersonal as you may think it is.”

A busy friend or relative may appreciate a meal kit service. Many contain quality ingredients and easy recipes.

If you know someone who could use a little more zen in their life, consider a subscription to a meditation app like Calm Pzizz, or Headspace. A gift card to Spafinder lets the recipient book a massage at a local spa of their choice.

For the friend who loves fitness, a subscription to Classpass gives access to gym classes at local fitness studios or online.

For the gift or knowledge, there are subscriptions to Masterclass, Wondrium, or Skillshare. Loved ones can take online classes taught by experts in everything from art to zoology.

For nature lovers, there’s a national parks pass for $80. That gives access to more than 100 national parks, monuments and battlefields for a year.

And, don’t forget passes or memberships to local places like the Witte Museum, the Doseum or the San Antonio Zoo.

Another thoughtful idea is to donate to a preferred charity in someone’s name.

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