Mexican pastry proves that Christmas isn’t over

A traditional Mexican pastry with citrus flavors and dried fruit is a reminder that the Christmas season isn’t over. Rosca de reyes or Three Kings bread is an oval-shaped pastry that resembles a crown as is eaten to celebrate the Epiphany.

Roscas de reyes can be found in most Mexican bread bakeries during the holidays including, La Panadería in San Antonio.

“The tradition is that on January 6 we’ll gather in a house, invite people that we love, you bring a rosca de reyes this and everybody eats it,” David Cáceres said. “It takes 72 hours of preparation before we put it into the oven.”

Cáceres, co-founder of San Antonio’s La Panadería attributes his fascination of making bread and pan dulce to the rosca de reyes.

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Traditionally, the Christmas-essential-pastry is decorated with candied dried fruit and stuffed with a small white plastic figurine that represents the infant Jesus.

“Whoever gets one of these baby Jesus has to bring tamales on Día de la Candelaria, or Candlemas on February 2,” Cáceres said.

La Panadería sells mini roscas as well as the traditional size for larger families at both of their locations. For more information on how to order, visit the bakery’s by clicking here.

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