San Antonio staff takes action after East Side neighbors complain of problem property

Residents in an East Side neighborhood say a single establishment is to blame for the recent shootings and crimes near their homes, and the city of San Antonio is finally doing something about the problem property.

The establishment on South Hackberry Drexel near East Drexel Avenue used to be a bar called Twin Sisters Cantina but has since become an after-hours hangout spot.

“We feel trapped in our own homes in our own homes. I wake up in the morning. I don’t turn on any of our lights. I leave my alarms set, and I peek through the blinds until I know it’s all clear,” said Anna Hardcastle, who lives in the area.

Hardcastle spoke to KSAT in November when police were called to 100 block of Drexel for a shooting. Officers said two men were walking down the street when someone in a car opened fire on them.

There were 73 police service calls near that location from June to November, 21 of which were for shootings. The other calls were for fighting and disturbances.

After the city looked deeper into the building in question, staff posted a notice to revoke the certificate of occupancy of the establishment on Friday.

Staff stated the building was not safe. They found evidence of gatherings inside, including a cash drawer with money behind the bar. The notice also stated the bar had lost its liquor license in February 2020.

The day after the notice was posted, another shooting took place. Police say two men in the bar were in a confrontation.

The confrontation escalated into the street. One man pulled a gun and shot the other in both legs, police said. The suspect fled the scene, and the victim was stable and taken to Brooke Army Medical Center.

Police are questioning the victim at the hospital to get a description of the suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

Hardcastle said, “More needs to be done. That area needs to be fenced off, confined to only the actual property owner.”

A neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said, “There’s no telling what’s going on. You’re just worried about what’s going to happen next.”

KSAT attempted to contact the property owner of the establishment in November. We have not heard back.