The future is now: Hot new tech trends for 2022

Each new year, technology seems to amaze us more than the last. So, what are the newest and biggest tech trends that will impact Americans in 2022?

We use it to communicate… work… even shop! Technology is a part of life, and it’s improving every day.

Innovative tech inventions in 2022 could change the way you live.

Experts say be prepared for more artificial intelligence devices. Smart cars are being designed to use facial recognition algorithms to alert drivers if they’re getting tired.

And smart toilets may help diagnose gastrointestinal issues by using computer vision to analyze stool samples!

And what about smart grocery carts? Some food chains are experimenting with carts that have a built-in scale and camera so you can scan, bag, and pay as you shop.

We could also see more nanosatellites. Over the next few years, Space-x plans to deploy up to 42,000 satellites to create an internet connection anywhere on the planet.

And don’t be shocked if your pizza next year is delivered by a driver-less car. One Domino’s store in Houston is using driver-less delivery cars. GPS monitoring allows customers to track their pizza from store to home. Kroger, Amazon and FedEx are also testing out the autonomous vehicles.

Another innovation you’re likely to see in 2022 is new pricing technology. Electronic shelf labels can help stores stay up to date as prices change quickly.

Algorithms are also being designed to provide personalized shopping experiences. For example, only certain customers would receive promotions for specific items.